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Bayonne Nursery School


Inspection dates: 21-22 January 2014

Overall effectiveness Previous Inspection Good 2
This Inspection Outstanding 1
Achievement of pupils Outstanding 1
Quality of teaching Outstanding 1
Behaviour and safety of pupils Outstanding 1
Leadership and management Outstanding 1

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

This is an outstanding school.

  • The care given to all children, including those with a range of additional needs, is second to none. Links between school and home are extremely strong.
  • Children’s achievement is outstanding. They learn exceptionally well because adults use every opportunity to develop their skills.
  • Careful daily planning by all the adults ensures that all groups of children, including the most able and those who speak English as an additional language, do exceptionally well in their learning.
  • The quality of the teaching is outstanding. Teachers, early years educators and their assistants all have the highest expectations of what the children can do, and the children rise to the challenge.
  • Children are offered an enormous range of activities, which stimulate their curiosity and capture their imagination.
  • The school promotes the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development exceptionally well. There are many opportunities for the children to marvel at the world around them. Children are given a love of reading through the excellent story-time sessions, as well as through many other opportunities to curl up with a book.
  • Behaviour is outstanding. The children are eager to learn and get on extremely well with one another.
  • The school keeps the children completely safe, and teaches them how to keep themselves safe.
  • Leadership and management are outstanding. The headteacher checks the progress of the children accurately, ensuring that the children achieve highly.
  • Leaders ensure through highly skilled performance management that the quality of the teaching is outstanding.
  • Leaders, middle leaders and governors are driving the school forward on its journey of improvement. Their plans are sharply focused and cover the right priorities. The school has improved by a grade, and is extremely well placed to sustain and build on its improvement.

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